Does Vanguard prioritize work-life balance more so than other investment firms?

Work life balance is a point of emphasis at Vanguard, where a universal belief is held that highly engaged crew are essential to success at all levels of the enterprise. Most Operations Associates work a 37.5 hour week, with the opportunity for overtime and spot awards for meeting overtime incent...
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Tips on turning my internship at Vanguard into a full-time offer?

The Operations Associate role is a full-time and fully paid job that I remained in for almost my entire first year. I was able to transition out of that role and into a Project Administrator internship, which is 3 contributor levels (responsibility and competency expectations) higher than the Ope...
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Any tips on how I can prepare for an interview for a Analyst position at Vanguard?

Prepare as much as you can for "Behavioral" type questions. An example would be, "Tell me a time when you faced adversity" and the interviewer would expect you to provide an answer that includes a situation, how you resolved it, and what was the outcome. Depending on which area of Vanguard you wi...
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What's it like daily in the life of a Analyst at Vanguard?

Varies drastically across teams. Vanguard is a very large organization so the jobs can range from pricing securities (using market transactions) or analyzing the performance of a Portfolio Manager to see if they are following their benchmarks. Most entry level roles that are given to undergrads m...
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What does it take to be successful at Vanguard?

Networking, networking, networking. The more advocates you have at the company, the better you will be in your career. Vanguard is not the best place for introverts since individuals that are more quiet and reserved tend to be overlooked for socializing and networking opportunities. But I find th...
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What was it like to be a participant at Vanguard's Accelerated Development Program?

Participants in VADP are given meaningful, tangible assignments throughout their rotations that acclimate them to Vanguard's business and culture and give them an opportunity to affect how we serve clients. They are expected to navigate ambiguity, build support for their initiatives/recommendatio...
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What specifically do you do as a Retirement Plan Services Intern at Vanguard?

You have weeks of classroom training learning about 401ks/institutional plans and then spend about half of your time taking inbound phone calls to help clients service their accounts. The other half of the time is spent learning about the different groups in Vanguard and working on a project that...
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What will it take for me to succeed as a data analyst at Vanguard?

The Data Analyst role typically does not hire directly out of college. Vanguard flips the normal flow of titles so it goes Associate then Analyst. Having said that, this role is almost exclusively made up of people who are just getting experience on a trading floor. The most important thing is to...
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What does an Operations Associate do at Vanguard?

The Operations Associate role at Vanguard is an entry-level position and is this fairly competitive in nature, so in order for a graduate to be successful, he or she will need to capitalize on opportunities to get involved in project work and broader initiatives within the department above and be...
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What is the compensation and rewards package like at Vanguard?

It's been 7+ years since I joined Vanguard full-time through the Accelerated Development Program, so my insight into the current compensation structure may not be up-to-date. That said, Vanguard offers a great total rewards package including competitive base pay, substantial variable pay through ...
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