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What's a typical day for an Editorial Assistant at W.W. Norton & Company? What skills are required?

As an Editorial Assistant you will be expected to juggle many projects (textbooks) in various stages of publication. It requires very strong organizational skills and a high attention to detail. A high level of work is expected because you are working on some of the best textbooks on the market w...
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How much work-life balance am I going to have as an editorial assistant at W.W. Norton & Company?

Hours are typically 9-5 and you are not usually required/expected to stay late.
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Can you suggest some questions to ask a recruiter from W. W. Norton & Company at a career fair or during an interview?

What distinguishes Norton from other academic publishing companies? What opportunities for career growth does Norton offer? How does Norton address/position itself in terms of the increasing digitalization of books and the publishing industry's changing business model?
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