Waibel Energy Systems

Controls Engineer Co-op

January - May 2022 • Vandalia, OH

What I liked

Waibel Energy Systems is full of great people that I really enjoy working with. All my coworkers were more than willing to answer any questions I had throughout the entire learning process. I also felt that my role as Control Engineer gained a lot of responsibility pretty quickly which definitely gives me something to be proud of. I never felt like I was doing "busy work," which allowed me to learn so much as well. Waibel also seems like a company heading in the right direction, and I am glad I got to make connections this early in my engineering career. Lastly, I felt like I learned some great people skills by working with my coworkers as well as engineers from other companies to complete jobs. Ultimately, Waibel provided a great experience for my first Co-op term.

What I wish was different

Having never experienced an office role before, I struggled with the sedentary nature of this job; however, this is something I will probably have to get used to for my future as an engineer. I found reasons to get up and walk or talk as much as I could which helped. I also felt that success in HVAC requires a good amount of field knowledge that I was missing in an office setting. Overtime, I would have developed this knowledge, and in my few experiences I did have in the field, I did learned about how everything works beyond the drawings. Lastly, I feel like I learned a lot about being an HVAC Controls Engineer, but I am not sure how my experience will translate to other roles.


One piece of advice I would share about this experience would be to accept that you will not know much at the beginning. It was sometimes frustrating how I tried to do my best and yet I just did not have the HVAC background to figure out some of my tasks. I had to realize that everyone at Waibel knew this would be the case so its okay that I did not know. Secondly, I would say its really important to go out of your way to get close to your co-workers. It makes work so much more enjoyable, and it leads to good connections in the future.
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