Wakefield Pork, Inc.

About Wakefield Pork, Inc.

Wakefield Pork is an industry leader in pork production, operating from south central Minnesota to northern Iowa. Our progressive and forward-focused management philosophy has brought Wakefield Pork continual growth since its beginning in 1991. Wakefield Pork believes successful teamwork comes from each individual's personal understanding of the role they play on a team. We help individuals define their roles by offering a diverse selection of training and leadership opportunities to managerial staff, entry-level herdsmen, and contract growers.


Swine Production Intern

June 2020 - August 2020 Gaylord, MN
“They are a family friendly company and very helpful when learning new things”

Part-time Farrowing Technician

April 2015 Lafayette, MN
“Everything. I love working with the pigs and performing all of the daily tasks. Also, the people are great!”
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