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About Wallowa Resources

For over 20 years, we have enhanced opportunities on our forests and grasslands while caring for the land and water for future generations. Thriving rural communities must have strong education opportunities, a commitment to taking care of the land and water, and diverse, locally owned businesses. We work with public and private partners to foster Wallowa County's vibrancy for years to come. We do this by stopping the threat of weeds, teaching our kids, and working with others to collectively manage our lands. Our mission is to empower rural communities to create strong economies and healthy landscapes through land stewardship, education, and job creation.


Community Solutions Inc Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Enterprise, OR
“Wallowa County has a small population (around 7000), so the community is closely-knit. The networks between the different organizations in the county and with residents, many of whom are farmers and ranchers, are rich with potential and actual collaboration. In my internship, I enjoyed shadowing various staff of Wallowa Resources in addition to the district water manager, and I enjoyed field work such as measuring the flow rate of streams. I also appreciated having my own independent projects to work on at the office -- I gathered data on the energy use of the county and wrote a survey on soil health management.”
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