Walnut Avenue Family & Women's Center

Domestic Violence Advocate

April 2019 • Santa Cruz, CA

What I liked

How thorough the training was - All of the material learned is applicable to a lot of Psychology classes I've taken. Additionally, they provide monthly DV hotline cohort support and professional development sessions - they bring speakers in, to tell us about new or existing resources and they provide us with feedback that helps us grow. -Another thing I like is that they have many other programs to volunteer in depending on your interests. Lastly, Everything you do is for a good cause !

What I wish was different

Probably being able to get more feedback on how we are doing individually. (Perhaps not in the DV hotline aspect, since the monthly meeting is enough but in the other program component opportunities)


In order for this internship to work, you would have to consider both your schedule for school and also your schedule for the internship. What's good about the internship is it is pretty set (meetings that are mandatory and depending on your extra program component, those meetings are pretty set too) Hotline shifts are flexible but I would suggest plotting out times to accommodate those. I've encountered some interns who have to skip classes just to go to the mandatory meeting which I wouldn't recommend doing.
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