Washington English Center

Adult Basic English Teacher Volunteer

July - August 2018 • Washington, DC

What I liked

My goal for this summer was to go to D.C., since my sister works and lives there, and do some kind of volunteering. I had no idea where/how I wanted to volunteer, I just knew I wanted to make good use of my time. I started researching online, and found out that there was an opportunity to teach basic English to immigrants at D.C., and thus, make their lives a little bit easier. I loved seeing how my students where so bright and learned so fast. I could see how hard they were trying to learn English; starting from the alphabet. Now I know that I helped 8-10 international students communicate and express themselves better, on a daily basis. It was such a rewarding experience, with a great and fun group of students from all over the world. I had a co-volunteer teacher from Vietnam, who worked really well with me. We prepared together before each session, and now I have a new long distance friend!

What I wish was different



Be out there! Look out for volunteer opportunities if you want to make a positive impact, there are thousands of opportunities. Help will always be needed; either in person or virtually. At the end, your effort and dedication is not only helpful for others, but for you as well. You get to learn a lot from those who receive your help. It really is rewarding to volunteer, and make a small impact on someone's life.
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