Waushara County, Wisconsin

Conservation and zoning intern

June 2020 • Wautoma, WI

What I liked

I liked being able to get into the field and take measurements that would be used later for projects, to set regulations, and for research. I like how some of the skills I learned this summer, I was taught weeks later at college. For example I measured the discharge of various streams, and later had an assignment on the exact same process.

What I wish was different

I wish that the conservation department in that county did more work related to forests and their ecosystems. A majority of the work I did was directly related to water, whether it was keeping a corn field well drained, searching for erosion, or measuring lake elevations.


I learned that it's best to have a variety of experiences, because I never know what might happen next and it's easier when I'm prepared. I have already seen that this internship has helped me with college classes, now I'm hoping that in the future it can help me with my career.
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