WAVE Systems, Inc.

About WAVE Systems, Inc.

WAVE is addressing the only leading cause of accidental death that has not been declining over the past 20 years, drowning. Virtually no technology has been applied to drowning detection or prevention, and consistently almost 1,000 US kids and 3,000 US adults die each year. WAVE is a wireless swimmer tracking system that is the first solution with the affordability, simplicity and reliability to enable widespread adoption. Our vision is that swimming without a system like WAVE will be as rare as driving without a seatbelt or cycling without a helmet.


Embedded Systems Software Engineering Intern

June 2021 - September 2021 Norwalk, CT
“At WAVE I learned more than I did at any previous position. The engineering team gave me a lot of responsibility as an intern which helped me to grow as an engineer. Additionally, the entire team was very available and supportive which allowed me to quickly get up to speed and develop my software/ firmware skills. On top of the technical skills I learned at WAVE, the people there were very supportive and driven on their mission to prevent drownings. I would highly recommend working here, especially to any electrical or software engineers who want to see significant growth in their fields and work for a noble cause.”
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