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About We Care Insurance

We Care is an InsurTech startup. The world of insurance is changing fast with technology and We Care is constantly improving services to meet customer needs. In these exciting times, there are many opportunities for growth. We love to give students the opportunity to both teach them principles of their position's subject matter and get hands-on experience for their career path.

There are two main parts of our business: Marketing and Software Development. We are an insurance marketing company, selling insurance on behalf of insurance companies. We want to make the experience for everyone that deals with insurance, great! Software development is a core part of our business because again, we want to make the insurance experience great. Therefore, we have many initiatives improving insurance whether it's to help people shop for insurance easier or manage it.

We Care's current business model revolves around being an independent brokerage, meaning we connect people with the insurance carriers, then manage the insurance on their behalf, as their insurance agency. We want insurance to be transparent and easy to understand so that people can trust it and make educated decisions about their insurance. To learn more about We Care, please visit our website.


Digital Marketing Intern

May 2020 - July 2020 Omaha, NE
“Nothing the whole internship was boring editing videos. ”

Social Media Manager Intern

July 2021 - September 2021 Omaha, NE
“They are so kind and caring for their employees and they try their best to meet their needs.”
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