Wedgwood Christian Services

About Wedgwood Christian Services

As one of Michigan's most highly regarded experts helping at-risk youth and families since 1960, Wedgwood Christian Services is dedicated to aggressively taking on the toughest problems facing young people today. Our goal is to support and help restore the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being of children, adults and families in our community.

Wedgwood's Values

Wedgwood is a Christian Ministry characterized by:

- Integrity

- Compassion

- Excellence

- Diversity


Positive Youth Development and Chaplaincy Intern

June 2018 - August 2018 Grand Rapids, MI
“I loved my team. There was an incredible group of people behind me to allow my experience to permeate my education as well. There was such a focus on unity and understanding, great communications and immense trust.”
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