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At WhiteHat Security, our philosophy is “Hack Yourself First.” This means that we are constantly iterating on new ideas, processes, and procedures; continuously improving and building upon these things with the ultimate goal being that the best-of-the-best in all areas will prevail. By cultivating a culture that is constantly looking inward, we are in a better position to identify areas that are in the best interests of our customers and can ensure that these interests rise above all others. This “Hack Yourself First” philosophy gives all WhiteHat employees implicit authority – and personal responsibility – to freely share their ideas, make suggestions, and raise concerns irrespective of their rank, tenure, or reporting structure. As a well-organized team of professionals, WhiteHat can foster a culture that thrives upon open, supportive, and constructive interactions for all employees, thus enabling us to respond to change, execute efficiently, and remain nimble as we rapidly respond to customer needs.


Software Systems Engineer

January 2018 San Jose, CA
“The job posting are done on university career webpage”
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