Yamhill County Health and Human Services

About Yamhill County Health and Human Services

Yamhill County Health and Human Services (HHS) provides publicly funded behavioral health, developmental disabilities and public health services to all residents of Yamhill County. Through a combination of providing direct services and system coordination & development, HHS strives to enhance community health and safety in every part of the county.


Juvenile Probation Officer Intern

June 2023 - August 2023 McMinnville, OR
“The probation officers were extremely welcoming and tried their best to expose me to as much as possible. I spent multiple days/hours with numerous probation officers that all had different expertise so I was able to learn so much about different types of offenders and different tasks related to contacting probationers or completing legal documents. They also sent me to experience half days or full days with other agencies whether that was the sheriffs office next door or a probation office in the neighboring county.”
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