Yaskawa America, Inc., Motoman Robotics Division

Project Engineer Intern

May - August 2022 • Miamisburg, OH

What I liked

The work culture at Yaskawa Motoman is great. From the on boarding process to the last day I was valued as an employee. I also enjoyed the work I was given. I helped design, create, and test several different pieces of equipment for the manufactures. Additionally, I was assigned to ensure the completion of cells because a project engineer retired early in my rotation. The work was meaningful and help improve my knowledge of electrical engineering.

What I wish was different

The first few weeks of my internship were slow. Yaskawa Motoman had not employed interns for several years, resulting in an unclear direction for me. This issue was resolved when the duties of a retiring project engineer were given to me. Also, I would have benefitted from a formal training process. I received minimal training from the engineers and manufacturing employees. Most of my training came from asking questions and hands on experience. While this was challenging it was very beneficial in learning the day to day tasks of an electrical engineer.


Do not be afraid to ask questions. Everyone I asked for help was friendly and willing to answer my questions. Asking questions helped me complete my projects. Asking question led to seeing what was needed by the employees on the manufacturing floor to help make their jobs easier and safer. In turn, another intern and myself created devices that are now being used daily in the manufacturing plant.
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