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With many communities suffering from news deserts, it is rare to have true local, community journalism. Yet Yellow Scene has been committed to this for 22 years.

Starting YS out of a 500-sq. ft. apt. as nothing more than a flyer, over years of dedication to authentic journalism and exceptional design, YS grew into Boulder County’s most widely read publication— without ever having an outside investor. It was built on the talents, creativity, and drive of our staff to produce a local resource that connects our community to the important aspects of our lives. Discover the people who built YS in our ‘Ourticles’ Series.

While YS is not burdened with the kind of corporate oversight that buries stories that matter, YS does not shy away from the disenfranchised. We follow the stories that shape and impact our lives. The beauty of independent journalism is its ability to approach and dissect stories in ways that monolithic corporate news is either unable or unwilling to cover.

In the last 20 years, the number of journalists in Colorado has gone from 15,000 to fewer than 50 at the Denver Post. Eighty-five percent of the current media is now controlled by six major companies.

And almost all of their investigative departments have been gutted. We rely on independent journalism to find stories that hide in the background. To hold public figures accountable. To expose chronic abuse of the disenfranchised. To show the connections between monied interests and policy changes. And to show the beauty of the human spirit — from the arts to the activists.


Editorial Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Erie, CO
“I liked all of the skills I learned and experiences I got to have.”
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