How would you describe the company culture at YMCA?

The YMCA has a pretty good company culture. Employees are almost always friendly and supervisors are always flexible if you need to miss work for some reason or another. Additionally, the hours usually aren't excessive or strenuous.
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What's a day in the life of a swim instructor at YMCA like?

Practices were held once a week in the evenings. It was 1.5 hours, split into two practices by age group. In addition to managing behaviors, I often had to be swimming in the pool alongside the swimmers. You work collaboratively with the other coaches to ensure the swimmers are engaged in the pra...
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How do I prepare for an interview for a swim instructor job at YMCA?

I created a resume and made sure to talk about all of my experience working with kids. I also made sure I could pass the swim test (100 yards of the 6 most common strokes).
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I'd like to gain some insight into the daily schedule of a personal trainer at YMCA!

It all depends on the YMCA. Some YMCA's will allow a trainer to have paid floor hours when they start so that incentivizes the trainer to stick around the facility, meet members, engage with them and just learn the culture. Understanding and representing YMCA culture is so important. If you are l...
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When prepping to interview for a personal trainer position at YMCA, what should I know in advance?

To start from preparation to the end of the interview you should do the following. 1) Take care of your hygiene, 2) Wear proper business attire, 3) Have a copy of your resume, 4) Know what the YMCA requires for the position you are applying, 5) Be open to learn new things because the YMCA has the...
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