What's a day in the life of a Client Financial Management Analyst at Accenture like?

Typically a 8-5 job where you help with forecasting, budgeting, pricing, and random financial asks. Role is great because you get exposure to senior executives and are able to own a process.
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How can one prepare for an interview for a Manager / Talent & Organizational Performance position at Accenture?

Take courses in subjects like Computer Science, Economics, Psychology, and Statistics. Beyond coursework, it is important to gain relevant professional experience in human resources, information technology or project management.
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What's it like daily as a Manager / Talent & Organizational Performance at Accenture?

You will likely be working with a team of other consultants who have various skill sets at the client site and also interfacing regularly wth the client on major initiatives like implementing an ERP system (e.g. Peoplesoft, SAP, etc.) or designing a competency based hiring and selection process -...
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What's it like in a day in the life of a SAP Consultant at Accenture?

The role can be split into two based on the kind of project you are working on – Development/Integration Project or a Support project. The difference is that a support project may have a lot more ad hoc requests. Development projects generally have stricter timelines and are more complex.You woul...
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What's a day in the life of a Application development analyst at Accenture like?

A day for an Application Development Analyst at Accenture will be like applying the knowledge he possess into his work and utilising his time cleverly so that he will be able to meet the deadlines effectively. Some days could be hectic, few days are cool, it all depends upon you how you manage.
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What's it like daily in the life of a Operations Management Specialist at Accenture?

You have be ready for any challenges on the spot, be willing to take criticism and make multiple iterations of the same work to meet your manager's or your client's needs. It is an up or out culture in Accenture, meaning that you have be ready to take on the challenge to grow continuously.
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Anyone have any tips on how I can prepare for an interview for a Business Intelligence Consultant position at Accenture?

So most of the students graduating from undergrad or graduate school are going to be interviewing for either an analyst or consultant position. The interviews for both of these are similar, where the consultant position would have higher expectations of the same types of questions. Generally, the...
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Can someone tell me what's a day in the life of a Business Intelligence Consultant at Accenture like?

This is a fairly tough question because one of the things about consulting is that there really isn't a typical day for most consultants as each client project varies so much. Over the course of the year you will go from client to client, often with beach time (e.g. not staffed on a client) in be...
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Can someone tell me what's a day in the life of a Management Consulting Summer Analyst at Accenture like?

If offered a Summer Analyst role, you will likely be relocated. A day-by-day snapshot would greatly vary depending on the region you were sent to and the type of role you are assigned. Personally, I was relocated to the Kansas City office and assigned a role as a technical tester for a web-based ...
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Does anyone know the average salary for a software engineer at Accenture?

Average compensation for a fresher would be around $75,000.
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Will I receive support from upper management at Accenture other than my on-boarding buddy?

A lot of the support comes from the supervisor that is on your team. They will be with you every day to give you tasks, career advice and just being someone to lean on when you need help with something. Besides the supervisor, who will probably be a 3 rd year analyst on the team, the MD is someon...
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What does the career progression for an intern/entry-level consultant at Accenture look like?

Career progression depends on 2 things: How well you do at your job (you don't have to be perfect, but professionalism, personality, and accuracy go a long way), and how consistently you communicate with people you met throughout your time working. Networking is the most important part, and that ...
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What's a day in the life of an Accenture intern like? Will I be able to have a life outside of work?

During my internship, my daily life was pretty much the way that I expected. I arrive at the client-site office at about 8 am, then I will attend the daily meeting with my engagement team from 8:30-9:00 am. After the meeting, my manager will assign me some task to do. Most of the tasks are more o...
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What does a Java Developer Accenture do? What's the break down of job responsibilities?

You will learn how to write industry standard, maintainable code for enterprise applications. 20% of the time will go into writing business logic and 80% of the time you will try to understand the user stories, integrating your code with others', responding the changing requirements and others. I...
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Does Accenture have a training program?

Accenture has an excellent training program. All new analysts are flown to St.Charles for a two week training session amongst peers on what it means to be an analyst at Accenture. Very fun!
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What are the different levels of career progression at a firm like Accenture?

Analyst, Senior Analyst, Consultant, Manager, Senior Manager, Managing Director.
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What does a software developer at a consulting firm do?

The role of a senior software developer varies from project to project. As I was a java based application developer, my roles included tasks like a) gathering user requirements, b) understanding requirements and coming up with designs of solutions, c) Discussing the designs with the team, d) Help...
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What are the daily responsibilities of a senior software developer at Accenture?

A normal day in my life included - a) First attending a standup call with the team to discuss - what I worked on yesterday, what I am planning to do today and what are my blockers. b) talk to my developing team to help them with any technical difficulties, c) Check my emails and perform any actio...
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Can someone please list the pros and cons of working at Accenture?

What I liked about Accenture was the diversified experience I gained throughout the 3 years I spent at the company. It was quite challenging, highly fast-paced, data-driven but also relied heavily on the communication/ presentation skills. I loved those aspects of my job.Frankly, the lack of work...
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Does Accenture offer a mentorship program? How is it structured and how did it help you become successful at the company?

Yes, the day you start at Accenture you will be assigned a mentor (most likely to be a colleague who spent some time at the company), a Career Supervisor (most likely to be a Manager/ Senior M.) and a Talent Specialist (most likely to be an HR). Also each year you are expected to attend one or tw...
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