How would you describe Accenture's company culture?

Accenture has a vibrant and diverse culture that was very welcoming for me as a fresher. They have a training which lasts for a few months before assigning your projects. Though the working hours is fixed and provides little flexibility, the work assigned to freshers is never overwhelming and the...
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How did working at Accenture contribute to your professional growth?

During my time at Accenture I was able to build my team management skills and develop my own core values. The work is always coming, and the skills required in order to complete different tasks, afford one the ability to learn new and skills. Skills that are definitely relateable and useful in ot...
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Compared to its main competitors, what are some areas where Accenture stands out?

Accenture stands out in its ability to invest time in developing its people. They took a shot in the dark with me in my senior year of high school by putting me on a client facing project to help expose me to the consulting industry. During my time with the company, they provided countless opport...
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What does it take to succeed at Accenture and how does that change as you get promoted to higher ranking positions?

Definitely should value the opportunity and try to make the most out of it. It's important for you to expand your network while working. It will be a great idea to schedule a coffee with senior management or grab lunches with your colleagues( asking about their recruiting experience, it could be ...
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What does it take to do well at Accenture?

There are many things that can help you succeed at Accenture and at almost any other internship. Some of the main things that I found to help me succeed would be open communication with my supervisor, always arriving on time and taking responsibility over the work that I complete. When interning ...
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I secured an interview for an intern position at Accenture. What should I highlight?

Just be yourself. Compared to many other interviews I've been through, Accenture was a very comfortable process. All of my interviews were more like conversations and measuring your people skills and communication rather than difficult questions to try stump you.
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Any tips for someone going into their Accenture interview soon?

For a consulting analyst position, the recruiters would expect a candidate who is highly analytical, has problem solving skills and demonstrated leadership in previous experiences/ at school. Also you will be expected to provide solutions to experienced business units in specific industries and y...
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How's the work-life balance structure at Accenture?

Work-life balance is definitely different at Accenture. Almost every job/role at Accenture travels. People in all areas, not just consulting, are traveling to the client sites. A typical week is Monday morning, 3:00am alarm clock goes off, get ready and leave for airport in your home city. Catch ...
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What skills are interviewers at Accenture looking for in a Java developer?

Mostly OOPS Concepts, Design patterns, Algorithms, Data structures, Spring and Hibernate for code maintainability, Advanced Java concepts like Multithreading, Exception handling and many more. "Head First Java" would be a good book to start with for Java developers.
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Any tips on how I can prepare for an interview for a Application Development Analyst position at Accenture?

For an application development analyst position interview at Accenture,Person(he/she) should ensure that they’re thorough with the basic technical and analytical skills required . He/she should brush up all the concepts that I have learnt so far. Along with the technical skills, make sure that he...
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What's a day in the life of a Summer Analyst at Accenture like?

Each day working at Accenture, be it as a Summer Analyst or a Manager, is very different. The great thing about working for a technology-based consulting company is that what you do on a day-to-day basis is always different. One day, you could be designing a new user application for the client; t...
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What do I need to do to be a good Quality Assurance intern?

The Quality Assurance team works with developers to test the software for usability, technical requirements, and compliance to various federal and international healthcare regulations. QA writes test plans, executes test plans, and writes issue tickets to be reviewed and fixed by developers. QA w...
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Anyone know how I can prepare for an interview for a Summer Analyst position at Accenture?

To best prepare to interview for a Summer Analyst position at Accenture, I would recommend that you prepare a set of stories/experiences when you've demonstrated certain skills Accenture is looking for and be ready to share that with your interviewer when they ask their questions. Accenture is lo...
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What does a software developer at a consulting firm do?

The role of a senior software developer varies from project to project. As I was a java based application developer, my roles included tasks like a) gathering user requirements, b) understanding requirements and coming up with designs of solutions, c) Discussing the designs with the team, d) Help...
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What are the different levels of career progression at a firm like Accenture?

Analyst, Senior Analyst, Consultant, Manager, Senior Manager, Managing Director.
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Does Accenture have a training program?

Accenture has an excellent training program. All new analysts are flown to St.Charles for a two week training session amongst peers on what it means to be an analyst at Accenture. Very fun!
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Will I receive support from upper management at Accenture other than my on-boarding buddy?

A lot of the support comes from the supervisor that is on your team. They will be with you every day to give you tasks, career advice and just being someone to lean on when you need help with something. Besides the supervisor, who will probably be a 3 rd year analyst on the team, the MD is someon...
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What does a Java Developer Accenture do? What's the break down of job responsibilities?

You will learn how to write industry standard, maintainable code for enterprise applications. 20% of the time will go into writing business logic and 80% of the time you will try to understand the user stories, integrating your code with others', responding the changing requirements and others. I...
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What should know for an interview for a data analyst position at accenture?

Have a basic understanding of how businesses work. Data Analysis doesn't mean you have to use some high-end tool. Your job is to analyze data and promulgate your findings effectively. Latter being more important. Even if you're able to achieve that in excel well and be good, have a structured app...
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What's a day in the life of an Accenture intern like? Will I be able to have a life outside of work?

During my internship, my daily life was pretty much the way that I expected. I arrive at the client-site office at about 8 am, then I will attend the daily meeting with my engagement team from 8:30-9:00 am. After the meeting, my manager will assign me some task to do. Most of the tasks are more o...
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