We believe investing better means understanding investments, and AIDVP's QuiverTrees tool is built to help people develop frameworks and habits for building investing habits. Share and test their ideas with other club members. There is no reason people have to investigate the sea of news and information alone. We built QuiverTrees private club App to help people join friends, family, and others to pursue a better financial future.

Our product's goal is to help people invest more responsibly via using the idea of "decentralized automatized organizations", some call it DAO, investment clubs held together by the shared interest of "responsible investing." We also invite retired hedge funds managers and money managers to join our platform to mentor students.


Investment Research Internship

September 2022 Burlington, MA
“The kickup training process that helps us get started faster; this is really good for new graduates. Besides, writing notes every week gives us opportunities to practice analyzing and writing. ”

Investment Research Intern

September 2022 - October 2022 Myrtle Point, OR
“The interview process was informative and conversational; the company has a clear focus on mentorship and strives to truly help students break into investment-based career opportunities”
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