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Does anyone have experience with applying for a role as a Security Guard? If so, what should I ask during my interview?

The one question I would ask is if the job is student friendly, in the sense can they accommodate student with busy schedules and how would the pay work with that. The second question would be what are the rates when it comes to upward mobility for officers, does it happen more often than not or ...
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Is there a work-life balance knowing you can work grave shifts as a security guard at Allied Universal?

You are supposed to be very good at time management because you will need it. There are times when you will have to stay a little longer than expected, there are times you will have to do a double shift, your schedule will fluctuate a lot,so yes you wont be expecting a lot of balance unless your ...
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Do you like your role as a security guard at Allied Universal?

I personally feel as though my job is very rewarding. I was trained both as a security professional as well as a dispatcher. I am currently working more hours as a dispatcher for the site I work. I am responsible for watching CCTV for any threats of violance or any other type of suspicious behavi...
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