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What does a sales promotion intern at AA do?

As a Sales Promotion intern, I was based in the regional office in Miami, so I helped the "Sales & Marketing" team in Miami. Our Miami team was responsible for the entire MCLA region (Mexico, Caribbean, and Latin America), which is a lot to handle, so as interns, we helped by continuing to mainta...
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Does upper management at American Airlines offer a lot of support to their interns?

I would say that you get an unbelievable amount of support. I would sit and have conversations with our internship coordinator, finance manager (who was on the panel of people that interviewed me) and get great advice on my professional career and tips to being a success. In terms of the job, I h...
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What's the compensation for a sales promotion intern at American Airlines?

As a nationally-recognizable brand, American Airlines definitely ensures to compensate their employees very well. However, I am not sure about the circumstances this year, so I would say between $12 - $15, hourly. Perhaps it might be different for you, who knows?
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Care to share tips for approaching a recruiter from American Airlines at a career fair?

Smile, be confident on your interview, look professional clothing. Good English, and they are looking for people who are willing to work with availability of schedules, even when an airplane delays they have to stay longer until it arrives.
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What do you think of American Airlines's company culture?

Is very organized specially with schedules, It is crowded every time a flights leaves or arrives besides that is very calm. I would recommend it. I felt that that job game me wings to fly. i enjoyed it. However, some schedules for work are very very early.
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Do station agents at AA receive any support from upper management?

The support from upper management is minimal. Upper management deals mainly with revenue, expenses, and numbers( baggage rates, how fast a flight turn is, how many delays taken via stations fault, etc.) But lead agents and managers within the station are always helpful. They want you to know as m...
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What's the typical compensation for station agents at AA?

American Airlines mainline makes around $20 per hour, but most are outsourced to companies like Envoy Air where they start around $10 per hour.
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Do you have any tips on what to highlight for my interview at AA as a flight attendant?

We are committed to customer service excellence, therefore you should have a solid customer service background and be prepared to provide examples of how you went above and beyond. Also, provide an example of how you handled and adverse situation that did not resolve to the customers satisfactio...
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Any tips on doing well as a Financial Analyst Intern at American Airlines??

I feel my experience (Summer 2015) was relatively atypical as compared to the experiences of other interns. Personally, I did not sit on the same floor as the team I was assigned to work with and I was barely given work to do; I could not have shown up and I was confident people would not have re...
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