AmeriCorps VISTA

What should I expect during the interview for a Botanical Garden Habitat Restoration and Animal Care Specialist position at AmeriCorps VISTA?

I suggest you come prepared to talk about your past work experience. Be ready to talk honestly about how well you work with plants, animals, and other people. They will ask specific details about your work and volunteer experiences. They will also want to know how you think this working experienc...
Interview Summer Intern Animal Care AmeriCorps VISTA
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What did you do daily as a Summer Associate at AmeriCorps VISTA?

It is a fantastic experience for nature lovers. There are all kinds of wild life to keep an eye out for. Depending on your tasks, there may be some hard manual labor, but the singing birds keep you company and make it worth while. You may even catch a glimpse of a kit fox. You will be expected to...
Day in the Life Summer Intern AmeriCorps VISTA
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For those who've worked there, did you enjoy the culture at AmeriCorps VISTA?

The company culture at SMNC is very progressive and upbeat. People work tirelessly in a variety of capacities to ensure project successes, but are realistic about the center's financial limitations. SMNC is always looking for positive individuals who think creatively, work hard, and care deeply a...
Company Culture Community Service AmeriCorps VISTA
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