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About AMPEL BioSolutions

AMPEL BioSolutions is a precision medicine company developing a first-in-class CLIA-certified gene-based LDT blood test for Lupus patients that will assess disease status, predict flares and match patients with best drug options. Filed patents protect AMPEL’s genomic platform, bioinformatic tools and machine learning algorithms that were developed in-house and are wholly owned by the company. AMPEL’s
exclusive curated database of >10,000 Lupus patients is the world’s largest and fuels machine learning predictions. AMPEL validated it’s approach with 5+Pharma customers by accelerating trial success by identifying patients for trials that express the target/pathway of the drug being tested. is a biomedical think tank that conducts Big Data analysis of genomic/genetic results from autoimmune patients to identify drug targets and designs clinical trials to test their efficacy. AMPEL is composed of leading experts in autoimmunity, immunogenicity, biochemistry, bioinformatics and clinical operations that assist nonprofit organizations, pharmaceutical companies, clinical research groups, and others in basic research. Come talk to us about our work in translational medicine, preclinical research, drug development and repositioning, and biomarker identification.


Clinical Operations Intern

May 2023 - August 2023 Charlottesville, VA
“The other interns as well as the individuals within the company were incredibly nice and welcoming. They were very flexible regarding requests to work remote and for time-off.”

Systems Immunology and Bioinformatics Intern

June 2019 Charlottesville, VA
“This is an incredible opportunity to work alongside Senior Scientists to conduct meaningful research. Particularly, I enjoyed being assigned my own project which can have a significant impact on lupus genetic research. Oftentimes, I was glad to feel more like a colleague rather than an intern. The quality of people I had the opportunity to work with at AMPEL was easily one of the highlights of my internship. I would absolutely recommend this internship to other students especially those interested in biology/BME.”
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