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What can I do to be prepared to interview for a research assistant position under Professor Christian Rojas at Barnard College?

First do some research and maybe read a couple of papers from the lab if you're interested and talk to people who are currently in his lab, if possible. You might not necessarily understand the research when you first read about it but it shows interest and initiative. Schedule to meet with Prof....
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What should I be ready for when I'm interviewed for an adjunct professor position at Barnard College?

While interviewing there, be prepared to give both short- and long-format talks or presentations, depending your department. I was in Biology to teach intro bio labs and only required to give a short-talk. One important thing is to make sure you can link conceptual concepts with very real-world, ...
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What is it like to work as an adjunct professor at Barnard College ?

I taught only one course where I did not have to prepare lecture material, and I would spend maybe an hour preparing for each class. In terms of grading, the grading load is also manageable. I would say I spent about 4-5 hours outside of class in order to prepare, with the exception of exam/repor...
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