Camp Spearhead

Program Staff

May 2019 • Slater-Marietta, SC

What I liked

I loved this job! I got the chance to interact with some of the best people in South Carolina. The campers are children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. I loved getting to see the campers be who the truly are without the fear of them being different. Because everybody is different at Camp Spearhead.

What I wish was different

I wish I wasn't so nervous going into the job. At first I was nervous that I would say the wrong thing or not know how to interact with some of the campers, but I quickly learned how I can interact with them in the best way possible for each individual camper. I also wish I had learned about the position sooner than just this summer.


Just go for it! Working with the Special Needs population can be very intimidating, but once you just jump in those people will be some of the best ones in your life .
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