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About Cassian Solutions Inc.

At Cassian Solutions, we believe that the key to the best patient outcomes is enabling more connected experiences between patients and their providers. The goal of our system is to learn from each interaction with a patient to create more individualized experiences.

Cassian's software engages patients through text, email, and push notifications and is built to allow high levels of customization and automated workflows for care providers. This allows a patient with diabetes to have a completely different interaction with our system than a patient with Hep C. Every person's journey is unique in healthcare, which makes this a challenging yet rewarding problem to solve.


Full-Stack Engineer Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Pittsburgh, PA
“I've worked as a full-stack developer intern at Cassian for three months last summer and I had a great experience there. About my experience: 1. technical skills development: The most obvious and direct experience I gained was technical skills development. Prior to this internship, I only had some front-end and minimal backend development experiences. During the internship, I practiced and learned problem-solving, frontend programming with React.js and Material UI, backend programming with React.js and Chi, database management with MySQL, communication, and collaboration in a team... 2. autonomy over tasks: while participating in the sprint planning, I was encouraged to share my opinions and expectations on the tasks. I was free to discuss the tasks content and time for completing it in the team. 3. broadened responsibility and skillsets: In a startup environment, you can directly talk to CTO and project manager and if you’re interested, you will get many opportunities to explore areas that’re not directly related to your job. For example, although I was working as a full-stack developer, I am also interested in UI design, such that the team gave me opportunities to experience it. About the company: 1. clear company mission: When I was talking with my mentors, the impression was that they are very clear about the company mission and future path. During a talk with the CTO, he generously shared the motivation, current plan, and future blueprint of the company, as well as experiences and lessons about entrepreneurship and building a startup. 2. friendly and supportive environment: my mentors were extremely helpful and supportive throughout the internship. For example, whenever I faced a technical problem, my mentors always patiently and detailedly instructed me on how to deconstruct and solve those problems. In addition, we also had several cookouts together! ”

Software Engineer Intern

May 2021 - August 2021 Pittsburgh, PA
“My internship experience at Cassian is everything that I have wanted to experience at a fast-moving startup. You get to build stuff and push it to production even during the first week. The Cassian Team is amazing and the mentorship is the best! You will learn + contribute so much during the internship and will find your skills tremendously better.”
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