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The Student Employment Office assists students in finding part-time work to help fund their education, gain valuable work experience, and test out career choices.

We also help employers, faculty, and staff in finding quality student employees to meet on- and off-campus staffing needs.

For more information on student employment policies, necessary hiring documents, and payment procedures, please visit our website listed to the left under "Contact Information."

You can also view important student employment information including policies, payment procedures, and documents by clicking "Resources" in your left navigation menu.


Library Assistant

September 2019 - June 2022 Cheney, WA
“Something I really liked about working here was that my boss was very understanding that I am a student and would always prioritize that over being her employee. ”


October 2022 - October 2022 Cheney, WA
“Enjoyed how easy it was to get in touch with employees. ”
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