Should I know anything specific going into an interview for an account manager role at Ipsos?

To prepare for an interview I have three suggestions: Be ready to talk about previous work that points to you being able to manage clients, including their requests, project expectations, and budgets. It will be especially important to talk about how you are capable of delivering bad news as well...
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What's a day in the life really like for an account manager at a company like Ipsos?

Your day revolves around two things as an account manager, managing client projects/requests and working with multiple internal teams to execute projects for clients. While days can differ as some will be all about client deliverables and others about helping partners kick-off a project, everythi...
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Anybody here with a major in politics AND work experience as an account manager at Ipsos? How'd your major help you?

It provided great preparation as much of the job, at least for client facing items, required consolidating data and stats into an interesting narrative that answered research questions and provided business insights. Much of my academic work in my Politics classes were writing and researched base...
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