SCS Direct Inc.

Package Design Intern

June 2021 • Trumbull, CT

What I liked

I have always found package design interesting. The three-dimensional quality of package design is what drew me to it. I learned a lot during my three-month internship at SCS Direct. The most interesting new skill that I acquired was CAD (computer-aided design). I learned how to take a flat, two-dimensional package design, and wrap it into a three-dimensional computer rendering. This software helps designers, customers, and printers visualized the final product before the packaging goes to print and production. While I was given some instruction as to how to use this new program, I mainly taught myself through trial and error. At first, I had a difficult time constructing die lines. Die lines are lines that tell the printer where to cut and where to fold. Black lines are for cuts, and red lines are for folds. For the program to create the three-dimensional rendering correctly, the cut and fold lines must connect exactly, and must not overlap. I am used to creating two-dimensional pieces, so this software forced me to think differently. In turn, I believe learning CAD has made me a better designer and thinker.

What I wish was different



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