Seagrave Fire Apparatus

About Seagrave Fire Apparatus

About the Company:
• Seagrave Founded in 1881
– Founded by Frederic Seagrave in Detroit, Michigan
– Oldest manufacturer of fire apparatus in the United States
– Innovator for more than a century
• FWD Founded in 1909
– Founded in Clintonville, Wisconsin
– Produced America’s first all-wheel drive chassis
– Premier manufacturer of severe service chassis
• 1963: FWD Acquires Seagrave and Relocates to Clintonville, Wisconsin
• 2001: Seagrave Acquires Aerialscope from Baker Equipment Co.
• 2006: Seagrave Acquires Rock Hill, South Carolina, Body Business
• 2013: Working relationship re-established with U.S. Military rebuild contract for the USMC
Mission Statement
FWD Seagrave’s Mission is to provide highly engineered heavy duty vehicles and other products with superior lifetime value for our customers by concentrating on innovation, continuous process improvements and people development.
FWD Seagrave Mantra: “Do It Right the First Time”
Noteworthy History:
 When the United States Army established its first Motor Truck regiment, all 51 trucks were manufactured by FWD.
 Spanish American War: FWD Seagrave produced tactical trucks for the Military.
 World War I: FWD Seagrave produced over 20,000 military munition trucks and armored cars.
 World War II: FWD produced 10,000 Tactical Trucks.
 Korean War: FWD manufactured 8x8 chassis Teracruzer for transportation and launch of missiles during the Korean War.
 Supplying Fire Trucks, since 1901, for FDNY and other major Fire Departments nationwide.


Research and development intern

January 2020 - August 2020 Clintonville, WI
“Given responsibilities greater than that of a typical intern.”

Engineering Co-op

June 2020 - August 2020 Clintonville, WI
“I liked how hands on my job was and I wasn't stuck doing the same thing everyday.”
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