The Thriving Initiative

About The Thriving Initiative

We are an engaged and hands-on 501(c)(3) non-profit devoted to offering free alternative support systems that promote healing for those affected by interpersonal violence (sexual assault, stalking, and domestic violence). Our cornerstone program curates a unique healing space where survivors can come together around the victories of their healing processes without having to discuss past trauma. We create healthy communities by providing trauma-informed workshops, public events, and information.


Officer of Budgeting and Special Funding

January 2020 UCSB, CA
“Volunteering and Interning for The Thriving Initiative has been one of my favorite experiences during my time at UCSB. The team I worked with was creative, intelligent, and incredibly passionate about The Thriving Initiative's cause. At each meeting, I felt my voice was heard and I felt I was able to build on my technical skillset as Officer of Budgeting and Special Funding. Through The Thriving Initiative, I was able to build on skills that allowed me to secure a full-time job offer post-college. I will forever be thankful for the fantastic experience I had and am looking forward to supporting The Thriving Initiative remotely as I begin my full-time position. ”
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