The Thriving Initiative

Officer of Budgeting and Special Funding

January 2020 • UCSB, CA

What I liked

Volunteering and Interning for The Thriving Initiative has been one of my favorite experiences during my time at UCSB. The team I worked with was creative, intelligent, and incredibly passionate about The Thriving Initiative's cause. At each meeting, I felt my voice was heard and I felt I was able to build on my technical skillset as Officer of Budgeting and Special Funding. Through The Thriving Initiative, I was able to build on skills that allowed me to secure a full-time job offer post-college. I will forever be thankful for the fantastic experience I had and am looking forward to supporting The Thriving Initiative remotely as I begin my full-time position.

What I wish was different


If you have an idea, say it! Everyone on the team is so kind and welcoming and your voice will be heard.
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